Initiatives and projects

During 2016, a total of 8.58 million euros was dedicated to R&D+i.

The following projects are noteworthy:

  • BEST PATHS (‘BEyond State-of-the-art Technologies for rePowering AC corridors and multi-Terminal HVDC Systems’): European project aimed at overcoming the technical barriers that the current pan-European grid could encounter to safely integrate massive amounts of energy from renewable sources.
  • AMCOS: development of electronic equipment that can control the voltage in an electricity substation and allows the frequency of an isolated system to be kept constant.
  • TWENTIES: (the great initiative of the European electricity sector for the implementation of technologies that allow the integration of renewable energy sources, particularly wind power, in order to fulfil the objectives at a European level regarding energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • PRICE (First-of-its-kind project for the deployment of demand-side management mechanisms in which more than 1,000 households in the Corredor del Henares area in the Community of Madrid are participating and which is serving to test how citizens can be more actively involved in the electricity system).
  • SIPSU project a prototype system for testing tele-control equipment installed in substations.
  • MOBILE TRANSFORMER with hybrid insulation (a small-sized transformer, but with similar transformer capacity to that of a conventional transformer).
  • VERDE-GREEN Project (studies regarding the electric vehicle and its impact on the electricity system).
  • ALMACENA (battery storage system in a substation of the transmission grid).
  • FLYWHEEL (energy storage system by means of flywheels).
  • ESP-LIDER PROJECT: REDIRECTION OF POWER FLOWS (high voltage equipment for controlling the electric current flows that travel through an electricity line).
  • PERFILA: a project to identify a number of electricity demand patterns or profiles of small consumers, through the analysis of a sample of these consumers who already have a smart meter with hourly metering installed.
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING of buried power cables (temperature measurement of a buried power cable by fibre optic technology, which allows the transmission capacity to be optimised).
  • MFE System: is an automation system that provides the remote data needed by the control system for the Spain-France interconnection in order to modulate the active power setpoint within the functioning mode that is active.